BBN's Machining Platform is a comprehensive machining service platform with well-equipped machine, which are imported from Japan, German, Italy, South Korea ,Taiwan and so on. Our company has large, medium and small gantry five-face maching center, Floor-Type Milling-Boring Machine, Portal-Type Processing Center, Vertical Lathe, Deep-Hole Drilling Machine, Multi-Drilling Machine and Planer, etc which are multistandard, high-precision and multi-function. What's more, there are a large number of technical professionals in our company, and through many years' foreign processing services, they have accumulated rich experience in stainless steel, carbon steel, special steel, forging and casting, etc.

BBN's Heavy Industry welding platform is in possession of the welding capacity of the large scale steel structure, duplex steel ship plate, vessel shell and precision sheet metal. The welding methods include submerged arc automatic welding, narrow gap welding, argon arc welding, shielded metal arc welding and plasma welding and so on. The weldable materials include carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and the non-ferrous metal such as copper, aluminum and titanium. There are more than 200 sets of various welding equipments, among which the SAF plasma welding machine can weld 12.5 meters seam of flat butt welds at one time, refreshing the world record for the length of this model. In the meantime, company also has H-profile Steel Production Line, large-scale Edge Planer, Heavy-Duty Rolling Machine, NDT Room with length over 30 meters, Heat Treatment Furnace, Blasting Room and other Large-Scale Equipments. Currently, there are also several engineers with CSS, LR and special equipment Welding Certificate.

Product range of covers steel pipe, steel plates, pipe fitting and steel section. Steel application almost covers all industrial fields, especially in oil and gas pipeline, boiler project, grain silo, LPG storage tank.:
Steel Plate ProductionSteel Tube Produciton
Pipeline pipe, casing and tubing pipe, steel cylinder pipe, alloy steel pipe, steel pipe for boiler, condenser tube, stainless steel pipe.
Carbon steel plate for structural purpose, alloy steel plate, stainless steel plate, pipeline steel plate, steel plate for pressure vessel, and all kinds of steel sheet and coils are supplied for customers with special needs.
Steel sections and pipe fittings used for all kinds of pipe and plate project.

  • JIS G3103: Carbon steel and molybdenum alloy steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels.
  •  JIS G3115: Steel plates for pressure vessels for intermediate temperature service.
  •  JIS G3118: Carbon steel plates for pressure vessels for intermediate and moderate temperature services.
  •  JIS G3119: Manganese-molybdenum and manganese-molybdenum-nickel alloy steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels.
  •  JIS G3124: High strength steel plates for pressure vessel for intermediate and moderate temperature service.
  •  ASTM A 515M: carbon steel pressure vessel plate for intermediate and higher temperature service
  •  ASTM A 516M: Pressure Vessel Plates, Carbon Steel for Moderate and Lower-Temperature Service
  •  ASTM A 204M: molybdenum-alloy steel plates, intended particularly for welded boilers and other pressure vessels.
  •  ASTM A 387M: Cr-Mo-alloy steel plates material used to fabric high temperature pressure vessels.
  •  ASTM A 537M: heat-treated carbon manganese-silicon steel plates intended for fusion welded pressure vessels and structures.
  •  ASTM A 662M: Carbon Mn steel plates material used to fabric middle or low temperature pressure vessels.
  •  ASTM A 302M: Mn-Mo and Mn-Mo-Ni alloy steel plates for pressure vessels.
  •  ASTM A 738M: C-Mn-Si steel plates material used to fabric middle or low temperature pressure vessels.
  •  EN10028-2: Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate are used in Pressure Vessel ,Boiler, Storage Tanks and Heat Exchanger in Oil, Gas Project.
Steel Standard Steel Grade
JIS G3103 SB410, SB450, SB480
JIS G3115 SPV235, SPV315, SPV355, SPV410, SPV450, SPV490
JIS G3118 SGV410, SGV450, SGV480
JIS G3124 SEV245, SEV295, SEV345
ASTM/ASME(S)A 515M Gr60, Gr65, Gr70
ASTM/ASME(S)A 516M Gr55, Gr60, Gr65, Gr70
EN 10028-2  P235GH, P265GH, P295GH, P355GH
Steel Standard Low Alloy Steel Grade
GB/T1591-94 Q390(A,B,C,D,E) Q420(A,B,C,D,E) Q460(C,D,E) - -
GB/T16270 Q500(D,E) Q550(D,E) Q620(D,E) Q690(D,E) -
JIS G3106 SM490(A,B,C) SM490Y(A,B) SM520(B,C) SM570 -
JIS G3101 SS490 SS540 - - -
DIN 17100 St44-3 St52-3 St50-2 St60-2 St70-2
DIN 17102 StE315 StE355 StE380 StE420 StE460
ASTM A572M Gr42 50 60 65  
ASTM A633M A C D    
EN10025 S275(JR,J0,J2G3,J2G4) S355(JR,J0,J2G3,J2G4,K2G3,K2G4) E295,E335,E360 S275N,S275NL,S355N,S355NL  
EN10113 S275N S275NL S355N S355NL S460NL
Steel Standard Steel Grade
ASTM A36 42 50 60 65
ASTM A656 50 60 70 80
ASTM A516 55 60 65 70
JIS G3101 ss330 ss400 ss490 ss540
Steel standard Steel grade
ASTM A606M Type 4      
ASTM A871M Gr60 Gr65    
ASTM A709M HPS50W      
JIS G3125 SPA-H      
JIS G3114 SMA400 SMA490 SMA570  
EN 10025 S355      
GB/T 4171 Q235NH Q355NH Q460NH Q550NH
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